Inside Anoushey Ashraf's Instagram DMs

Published 10 Nov, 2020 12:37pm

Images Staff

"Men compliment me and it certainly feels great. But when women compliment me, it uplifts my spirit and soul."

During a time women are pitted against one another, engrossed in the stereotype that 'Aurat hi aurat ki dushman hoti hai', Anoushey Ashraf is here to bust myths, making sure everyone knows that a big community of support system is still a strong indication of sisterhood.

Using social media to share snippets from her inbox messages, the VJ shared wholesome messages that women from all over the world had sent to her on multiple occasions.

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"Men compliment me and it certainly feels great. But when women compliment me, it uplifts my spirit and soul," Ashraf declared excitedly.

"These messages have come to me over the last two days from ladies around the world. They specially wrote to me to appreciate me and give me love. They took the time out to let someone know they’re talented and inspiring."

Saying that most of these compliments weren't just limited to her physical beauty, the Saanp Seerhi actor was thankful for all the love pouring in by all the amazing women.

"Non physical compliments also feel so good sometimes. I feel like I have a bigger support system of sisters I haven’t even met but want each of them to know how grateful I am for you."

Taking this opportunity to break away from cliches, Anoushey also cleared some misconceptions, saying that negative attributes like jealousy, hate and cut-throat competitiveness were human, and not just female.

"Women do not always pull each other down. They do not always get jealous of each other. These are mere misconceptions. People dislike one another, people are sometimes jealous of one another, irrespective of their gender. These messages are proof!"

"To the men who love me and my work, I’m so very thankful for you. To the women who do the same, I wish I could hug each of you. This means a lot. Hiding names of these gorgeous women because I haven’t taken their consent, this is a VERY spontaneous post," she concluded.

Shine on, sis!