International actors should be respected: Anoushey Ashraf schools Yasir Hussain

International actors should be respected: Anoushey Ashraf schools Yasir Hussain

"Ertugrul is an eye-opener for how people are finally rejecting ‘kachra’ work at home and looking out for better scripts."
Updated 07 Sep, 2020

It's hardly surprising that Yasir Hussain has been at the centre of controversy for his somewhat harsh views regarding Ertugrul and foreign actors working in Pakistan.

Recently, taking to Instagram once again, the Jhooti actor found himself making a distasteful comment regarding local artists dressed up as the foreign stars; implying that they won't get the attention and coverage they deserve based on their nationality.

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"No one's going to give them the same importance because self possessions are always undermined and undervalued while others seem better," he wrote.

Thankfully, Anoushey Ashraf clapped back, sharing that one should respect artists from all over the globe.

"Let’s just gently remind Yasir that NO one is kachra for one. And even if their work isn’t at par to his liking, actors from around the world must be respected. It should be an unspoken ‘bond’ of mutual respect between artists. You’ll know your struggles better than the world does," she replied.

"Having said that Ertugrul is far from kachra, if anything the series is an eye-opener for how people are finally rejecting ‘kachra’ work at home and looking out for better scripts, shows and budgets. Lastly, these people in the picture have gotten some attention because of the play itself, not because of any of us anyway. So thanks to a foreign drama for having inspired them to come forth."

"There are always pros and cons to EVERY situation, let’s just look at the good sometimes," she said.

Resorting to a patronising “calm down”, Hussain denied mentioning Ertugrul in the first place and continued to reiterate how local productions are not given importance like foreign ones.

While we see where Hussain might be coming from, we agree that respecting and appreciating talent and art despite boundaries and nationalities should be the norm.

If not like Ertugrul, there are unlimited niches local artists can build a name for themselves in - without feeling threatened, or insecure.


Fast comment Sep 05, 2020 07:58pm
First of all the drama Ertugrul should not be aired, as a controversial subject. We know one of our brotherly country do not appreciate that. As regards our dramas they are not kachra, they are best in all respect and liked in India although their standard is better than ours. We must come out of inferiority and come out of Black & White there are grey areas also.
Ahsan Masood Sep 05, 2020 09:46pm
"calm down Anoushey..." that's where you should stop reading Yasir's tweets.
Notwo Sep 05, 2020 10:11pm
Ertugal is banned in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Qamar's Sep 05, 2020 10:36pm
It's weird, that why Pakistani actors & actresses are so scared from erthughul..
Shanaz Sep 05, 2020 11:16pm
Pakistani dramas are best . Ertugul is a kachra serial and very slow and boring because there is no mystery like Game of thrones
Chrís Dăn Sep 05, 2020 11:16pm
@Fast comment our plays/dramas were very good. Long time ago. When Fatima Bajya,Ashfaq Hussain,Hasina Moin,Bano Qudsia etc wrote and actors like Rahat Kazmi,Shakeel,Roihi Bano,Khalida Riasat,Samina Ahmed etc appeared with incredibly realistic talent. We do not have that talent . We do not have those intellugent qriters now who were sensitive enough to pprtray complex human traits . We do not have dedication. We have nothing. And no since last many many years no one in India ir anyone watches pakistan dramas. Bring class back. Not the rhetoric.
Shams Qureshi Sep 06, 2020 03:41am
Anoushey is an OG, always had tremendous respect for her
TruthMatters Sep 06, 2020 08:31am
It’s a well-written and well-directed drama, which deserves as much exposure as possible in Pakistani and International media, regardless of how much noise India and other countries make.
Alrehan Sep 06, 2020 08:33am
Seriously Yasir is right these people are jealous of him
indRAT Sep 06, 2020 11:26am
Both of them trying really hard to stay relevant.
Ashraf P Sep 06, 2020 12:43pm
Pakistan should create its own history and make a serial out of it.
owais hasan Sep 06, 2020 01:01pm
@Fast comment indian dramas' standard is better than us?are u serious?
Hammad Qureshi Sep 06, 2020 03:08pm
Fahad is a looser. Turks are a part of our society.
Bilal Khan Sep 06, 2020 04:38pm
The guy is so insecure! If he was talented he would have the confidence!
Furrukh Rao Sep 06, 2020 04:48pm
When you fail at everything you can use either religion of nationalism.
Naeemullah Sep 06, 2020 05:27pm
This is not a drama, it’s a reminder and building confidence. Anyone who doesn’t agree, don’t see it and continue watching the garbage produced here.
M Laghari Sep 06, 2020 07:00pm
I am fully with Yasir and it’s pretty obvious from the picture he shared (of Ertugrul impersonator) that he was implying japan ki istri, India ki sari and Australia ki cutlery. Any fool would have picked this up. And by the way, who doesn’t know Japan ki istri, India ki sari and Australia ki cutlery are all kachra. Nothing to do with Ertugrul! Pretty obvious, ain’t it!
Ali S Sep 07, 2020 01:08am
Local industry produces kachra, that's the fact. They don't want foreign talent because it exposes their own absolute lack of talent.
Akil Akhtar Sep 07, 2020 06:04am
@Fast comment Indian Drama standard is far below Pakistan in fact soap garbage not better than ours...this shows your inferiority complex