Asim Abbasi apologises for Churails plagiarism incident, calls it an oversight

Asim Abbasi apologises for Churails plagiarism incident, calls it an oversight

A Twitter user pointed out striking similarities between the show's opening sequence and French illustrator Malika Favre's artwork
19 Sep, 2020

From global appreciation and critical acclaim; to distasteful comments and relentless disapproval, Asim Abbasi's Churails has constantly made headlines since the 10-episode web series was first made available to stream on Zee5.

However, soon after the release, the Churails team found themselves embroiled in a plagiarism incident that was highlighted on Twitter, revealing the striking similarities between an opening sequence of the show, with french illustrator Malika Favre's artwork.

After a month of silence, Abbasi finally addressed the issue brought to light, claiming responsibility and accepting the oversight on his part.

Revealing that the team instantly reached out to Malika to rectify the situation, the Cake director made sure to clear out any criticism directed to the animation creator, Studio Rokhan.

"Due to an oversight by the production house, the animation studio was provided the said artwork and given the authorisation to use it," he said, further adding that his silence on the matter was due to him working on correcting the issue, which has now been resolved.

"I strongly believe that the rights of all artists must be protected and upheld at all times and would like to personally apologise for this oversight."

Previously, the director had taken to Instagram to share the journey of making the series.

"It broke all of us into a million little pieces, physically, mentally and emotionally," he had put it.


M. Emad Sep 19, 2020 04:23pm
In Pakistan, blatant plagiarism by academic professors, researchers, students, writers are very common incident.
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Ibrahim S Sep 19, 2020 05:00pm
Apology should be accepted . Old habits won’t go away overnight
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Hamid shafiq Sep 19, 2020 05:14pm
I love churails
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