Vlogger Ducky Bhai berates, then apologises to woman on Twitter who dressed up her dog

Updated 17 Aug, 2020 06:35pm

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He was offended by her putting a Pakistan flag scarf around the dog's neck; she apologised. But the backlash didn't stop.

Independence Day celebrations can range from wearing green to hoisting up the flag; attending parades to posting long patriotic posts; sleeping in or driving around aimlessly. Though one thing's for sure, there's clearly no singular way to commemorate azaadi.

Recently, a Twitter user @Maryamful, posted a cute picture of her black Labrador dog sporting a Pakistani flag bandana, in a post that has since been deleted. Apparently a pandemic isn't bad enough and now we can't even have photos of doggos to get us through it.

The picture in question
The picture in question

Things really took a turn for the bizarre when YouTube vlogger Saad ur Rehman, known as 'Ducky Bhai', began to berate the Twitter user by calling her "dumb" and an "attention-seeker," adding, "Don't even call this cute or imma slap you".

What was meant to be a lighthearted way to celebrate Independence Day soon turned into an all-out Twitter combat; the mob came for her.

Maryam politely responded to all the negativity Ducky Bhai seemed to have fuelled, saying that scarves are made from national flags all over the world, and have been worn by dogs. And that her post isn't disrespectful unless the person offended just hates dogs.

While both parties eventually deleted their original tweets and issued an apology, Maryam for hurting sentiments and Ducky Bhai for using abusive language...

We're just here like:

What is the issue here — the pupper or the flag?

Luckily, some on Twitter called out the hypocrisy of it all

Says a lot about our priorities and what we choose to invest our energy in

And when all was said and done — one side made a joke out of it

While the other, a woman, still seems to be inundated with hate