We can all agree this has been one tedious summer.

It's sweltering hot and extremely humid and can someone tell the sun we know it's hot and it doesn't need to show off?

Lucking for Lahore, the weather was kind and over the weekend there was wind, there was rain and much to everyone's joy, there was a beautiful rainbow.

And somewhere over the rainbow (props to you if you sung that), Lahore's Twitterati couldn't hep but celebrate the beautiful visuals and the wonderful mausam.

We bless the rains down in Lahore

We can't even at the beauty

Is there any other way to enjoy this weather?

Someone take us for a drive!

Someone put this on a calendar!

How can it be so perfect?

Lahore really playing for the trophy

Perfect from every angle!

It wasn't just a rainbow

But a double rainbow!?


Someone play Singin' in the Rain!

Please stay longer