All everyone is talking about is Dirilis Ertugrul and the show's cast has been noticing.

Pakistani celebrities have been debating the impact of the drama - and Turkish dramas in general - on our local entertainment industry, with some worried and some supporting. One such celebrity is Neelum Muneer who thinks it's not about Turkish drama or Pakistani dramas but the value of Ertugrul itself.

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Says Muneer in a post, "Let's just feel proud of our Islamic heritage and get motivated and also create content in Pakistan which we should also be proud of."

It looks like her post caught the attention of Gülsim Ali, known for playing Aslihan Hatun in Ertugrul. She replied to the post and thanked Muneer for the appreciation, which led to an adorable interaction.

We're all for wholesome moments and it's lovely to see a sweet interaction like this especially in depressing corona times. We can already imagine fans of both hoping for a collaboration!

Previously, Gülsim Ali, along with other cast members of Dirilis Ertugrul, had thanked their Pakistani audience for the love and appreciation. They all hope to visit Pakistan soon.