Looks like Dirilis Ertugrul really is one of the biggest conversations in Pakistan right now... the second being a global pandemic.

With the Turkish drama airing on PTV in Urdu, there has been a huge debate as to whether this was the right move or not.

Shaan was one of the first to point out that while he has no issues with Turkish dramas being aired here, PTV, a state-owned channel endorsing them to this extent is problematic. However, it was Yasir Hussain's posts that really got the ball rolling.

While Hussain's words echoed Shaan's sentiments on PTV, he went on to say that "Turkish dramas can destroy the local industry."

It was after this that many members of the fraternity decided to share their thoughts, either trying to clarify Yasir's point, relay their own ideas or deny it completely.

Mansha Pasha tried to explain the bigger picture

Armeena Khan wants you to stop blaming actors for bad content

Ahmed Ali Butt asks we respect all opinions.

Gohar Rasheed isn't bothered by it

Ali Kazmi says he sees no threat but inspiration

OKB thinks it could be good if treated right

While Mehwish Hayat has priorities in check

And apparently, Humayun Saeed and more have had troubles with Turkish dramas since Ishq-e-Mamnun!

An article by Review It from 2012 has started making the rounds on social media that features Humayun Saeed, writer Syed Mohammed Ahmed, Bushra Ansari and Faisal Qureshi expressing their discontent over Turkish dramas gaining popularity and the thought of dubbing them. Yeap, eight years ago, Humayun claimed it to be "outrageous!"

Meanwhile, the cast for Ertugrul sure is elated by the love and success of the show in Pakistan.