Abdullah Qureshi pays tribute to all health workers fighting Covid-19

Abdullah Qureshi pays tribute to all health workers fighting Covid-19

Song 'Daro Na' carries a wholesome message about not giving up.
15 Apr, 2020

Medical professionals are on the front lines in this global pandemic and are the real MVPs of this time.

Singer Abdullah Qureshi decided to pay tribute to all those health workers risking their lives - and those who lost their lives such as Dr. Usama Riaz - to ensure our safety from coronavirus.

Song 'Daro Na' has an uplifting beat and has a positive message about not giving up as soon, these tough times will be behind us.

We love the video for the track, for which dozens of folks, including celebrities and doctors, shared videos of themselves singing along to the song, our favourite part being the health workers smiling and singing as they put on their masks and show they're ready to save the day.

With Covid-19 putting us all in lockdown, it's good to see such wholesome content to keep us going. And let's be honest, it's always good to give an encouraging shoutout to medical professionals, especially now.


Talha Apr 15, 2020 07:42pm
Well done Abdullah. Your music needs to be appreciated more and this uplifting tribute song is no different. Keep up the good work with your soulful music!
Alih Apr 16, 2020 05:56am
For gods sake.
Dr. Habib A. Zuberi Apr 16, 2020 07:42am
The message is good and clear, but so many are jumping around makes no sense. I wish it was sung, just by one person and all other joining him at the end " daro na".
Omar Apr 16, 2020 09:10am
Awesome effort