Coronavirus may have restricted large crowds, but the show must go on.
Coronavirus may have restricted large crowds, but the show must go on.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, concerts across the globe have been cancelled or postponed as precautionary measures taken to keep audiences safe.

However, mega stars like Chris Martin have taken the personal responsibility of bringing magic to their fans and alleviating the stress of social distancing through a concert on Instagram live.

The series called #TogetherAtHome is launched in collaboration with the WHO-Global Citizen Solidarity Sessions which aims to entertain and virtually unite fans from all over the world while they practice social distancing.

"I was supposed to be with the band Coldplay today from which I come, but they are stuck in different countries so we can't play together. So I thought what would be nice would be to check in with some of you out there and see how you're doing, where you are and what I can do for you.."

"So I'm here at your service for the next 20-something minutes," exclaims the star, as he goes on to play on Instagram for a live audience.

Fan messages started rolling in, and the star gears on his instruments before struggling to pitch notes for 'Hymn For The Weekend.' "Lets not do that, some of these I normally have to wait for an hour and a half before I start singing, let alone that early in the morning" Martin candidly laughs off.

In the interactive session, he then goes on to play some of the band's most popular hits, including 'Viva La Vida' with the confession, "I'm getting too nervous", 'Sky Full of Stars', 'Yellow', 'Clocks' and 'Up and Up'.

He also teased fans regarding an upcoming song which he's "not supposed to talk about".

John Legend followed, also doing a similar stream for his audience where he played 'Conversations in the Dark', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Preach' and an altered version of The Office theme song.

Wonder who's next?

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Sajjad Ali is taking recommendations on his Twitter for a music revolution from home himself. Hurry and send in your entries.

Large crowds may have been banned, but the show must go on.