29 Feb, 2020

Our favourite on-screen couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly broke the internet when they announced they were engaged in an intimate ceremony celebrated with friends and family.

Fans expressed their excitement and shared their best wishes as the Yaqeen Ka Safar duo geared up on the safar of spending their lives together.

The time is finally here as British High Commissioner Mike Nithavrianakis just received his invite!

"Wonderful meeting @lamsajalali and @ahadrazamir to receive an invitation to their wedding. They've been 'married' on screen several times. Now for the real deal. Best wishes to them both" he wrote.

Hmm, our invite must have got lost in the mail?


Daskalos Feb 29, 2020 08:55pm
Cute couple. Does Sajal Aly have a younger sister? I have a handsome grandson finishing university who is planning on going to UAE, looking for a beautiful and good natured wife.
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M. Saeed Feb 29, 2020 09:06pm
Let us hope it is not usual marriage of convenience of the glamour world.
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AK4PK Mar 01, 2020 02:45am
Best wishes to the love birds. I adore love marriages, mine was one of that sort and a very long and pleasant and happy one too. Stand by each other, in sickness and in health, and you are bound to stretch your smiles into eternity. Stay blessed stay happy!
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Shahid Mar 01, 2020 04:00am
Wishing you both a very happy life ahead, sorry can't make it to Pakistan and to the wedding in this corona season. I hope you won't mind.
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sahba omair Mar 01, 2020 04:01am
Best wishes to them. They make a very cute couple MA and both appear to be decent on and off screen.
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Citizen Mar 01, 2020 08:58am
Good couple. Stay blessed.
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Khan Kaptaan Baba Mar 02, 2020 09:53am
@Daskalos : wah rrreeeyyyyyy
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