The singer talks about his disappointment with PSL and the way his anthem was thrashed by conspiracy bloggers.
The singer talks about his disappointment with PSL and the way his anthem was thrashed by conspiracy bloggers.

Ali Azmat recently appeared on Waseem Badami's show and expressed his anger with what happened at the PSL ceremony.

The actor complained performances were cut short, there was mismanagement at a mass scale, and that his anthem 'Tayyar Ho' was sabotaged by rivals who supposedly employed bloggers to do their dirty job for them.

“There are too many elements involved. I’m not sure if its PCB, show broadcasters or directors who are at blame. It could be time constraints because the match needed to start on time, but either way – most of the artists left upset.” he said.

“Asim Azhar and Haroon’s parts were eliminated. Disappointed is a small word, we were upset and angry. We should have been told that a smaller version of the song would be played, because it looked like an incorrect version of the file was being played. We were standing clueless with no idea about what was happening.” he added.

“We had been rehearsing for two days, and now we’re told a three and a half minute song is being reduced to 60 seconds. We were pretty surprised.”

When asked about the criticism his PSL anthem received, he boldly replied, “I never understood the feedback. There were a couple of factors involved. A rival artist employed a few bloggers so that became very controversial.” When asked who he was talking about, he replied saying, “I wouldn’t want to name and shame – but PCB is also aware of who this was.”

He further added that the process of making the song was really good, and Asim sang very well. "He apologised under pressure because he has never seen such hate on social media before," ending the conversation on how the hate wasn’t organic but engineered.

“Won’t say anything about Ali Zafar", he ironically added. "People like him resort to court cases.”

Zafar also made a video after Azmat's interview aired, which is seemingly a response to his comments:

"if you're having any problems in your lives - personal, social, financial - your business isn't doing well, your event isn't doing well, or even your music isn't doing well - the reason for it has nothing to do with you. I am the only one responsible for it," he said.

"I am so powerful, I have bloggers on payroll, bhaijaan.... put a dartboard in your room, hang my picture on it, and wake up everyday in the morning to throw darts on it. It will release the heaviness in your heart, and make you less angry."

Are you also rolling your eyes at this Ali square madness?