Ahmed Godil addresses bullying post PSL opening ceremony

Ahmed Godil addresses bullying post PSL opening ceremony

"My number has been leaked on Facebook, I had to put my phone on flight mode," shared the host.
Updated 21 Feb, 2020

The PSL opening ceremony took place on Wednesday and was met with mixed reviews.

While attendees really enjoyed the fireworks display towards the end, many did not enjoy the performances, complaining the show was lip-synced and poorly delivered. Many also disliked host Ahmed Godil's performance. According to them, Fakhr-e-Alam saved the show when he took over hosting duties.

Now, to dislike a performance is one thing, heck, even joking about it works to some extent as memes on Twitter would confirm. But to be outright cruel and bash a person while bullying and harassing them, is another level of hate. And according to Godil, he's been facing all of this since yesterday.

Speaking at morning show Naya Din, Ahmed spoke up about what he's had to deal with since.

Godil revealed he was never meant to be the official host of the ceremony.

"I am a ground host. I've been one for the last two years (and been hosting several shows for the past five) and my job is to keep the audience engaged. I'm hosting all the Karachi matches. Like when there's an out or a sixer, I get the audience to cheer. That is it."

"We've been rehearsing for the past three days. The show was supposed to be 55 minutes max... But there were some delays, as there usually are. Plus, people were there from 4pm and the show was going to start after 6pm."

He added, "My job was to be on stage before the ceremony kicks off... before it goes on air. I was just supposed to keep the audience active and engaged till we we broadcast the opening. I was never the host of the ceremony. I was never meant to be the host. Fakhr-e-Alam was always the host. I didn't even know the broadcast had begun because I just had the slot before the show itself."

Unfortunately for Ahmed, he became the subject of mockery and things took a sour turn as the humour went from silly memes to straight up bullying.

"I am just a host. What was I supposed to do? Take my clothes off and dance? I've been a host for a long time. I've hosted shows for Atif Aslam in America. I've done this before, I didn't just come out of nowhere. But what did I do so wrong?"

Facing the camera, he pleaded with the audience, "At least leave my mother and sisters out of this. Keep my family out of it."

"What mistake did I make? I haven't slept all night. For the past two days, we'd come home at 5am and then reach by 10am to continue work. Where did I go wrong? Did I misbehave on stage? Did I curse or swear at someone? What do you all want? I am so hurt."

To show the severity of the harrying he is facing he pulled out his phone and shared, "My phone is on flight mode since last night. My number has been leaked."

"I'm not a celebrity, I don't see myself as one. I just want to entertain people. If I've been blessed with this opportunity to make you smile even for a minute, I'm happy. But that doesn't mean I be subjected to so much hate and anger."


A shah Feb 21, 2020 04:20pm
PSL just goes from bad to worse!
ahmad Feb 21, 2020 04:21pm
agreed, making fun is one thing and that also should not continue for long, like it has in the case of umar akmal who's being trolled continously
Imran Feb 21, 2020 04:35pm
Abuse against him should stop
Jimmy Feb 21, 2020 05:59pm
Its the first PSL at home. Its a learning curve and it can only get better.
M. Saeed Feb 21, 2020 06:32pm
You cannot be a winner all the times. But, this time whatever you were supposed to do, was not well thought of for the occasion. There were not only a few thousand viewers on the ground but also hundreds of million on the live broadcast on TVs. I for one, had to off the TV and even missed the other items when the starting disappointed.
ALIM Feb 21, 2020 07:59pm
I really liked the proceedings. It was all Pakistani and I liked it.
HonorBright Feb 21, 2020 09:23pm
though i neither watched nor criticized you in any way whatsoever i still feel bad about u were forced to go through..professionalism is still something that remains alien to many of us...we love and support u, keep rocking
Sameer Feb 21, 2020 11:36pm
Reminds me of the painter who used to hang his paintings at a public place asking for review and people would redicule his art every day. One day at a wise man's advise, he left a paint brush by the painting and asked to make it better. That day there were no comments.
kamal chowkidar Feb 21, 2020 11:56pm
Why he needed sun glasses in night?
Kash Feb 22, 2020 12:21am
I blame the so called international event manager. It is he who messed up badly. I agree Ahmed should not have been live. But that puts the rest to shame. Hopefully closing ceremony should be much better.
Shiraz Feb 22, 2020 12:31am
@A shah - Seriously, it got bad to worse? so you are not going to see any matches then right?
A true fact Feb 22, 2020 12:49am
Pakistanis as a nation are really frustrated due to which they just lash out at everything and everyone without care and regard. I’ve read such horrid comments on twitters that it’s just impossible to fathom that anyone could be capable of saying something like that on a public forum about anyone. Recently read comments from some people twitter and Facebook about girls being harassed at a concert in Islamabad and the way people reacted by victim blaming. Can’t even call it victim blaming or shaming because even that is done in a controlled tone. It was just insane.
S Feb 22, 2020 03:49am
As usual, we are our own best enemies. Yet we think that we can host teams from the world.
Saad Razzaq Feb 22, 2020 05:34am
I feel for him, our people make jokes to the next level. They should act mature
KASHIF ASHRAF Feb 22, 2020 06:22am
It’s not Mr Godil’s mistake alone, he was never made for this job. And he wasn’t aware of being live internationally. Poorly planned and broadcast opening ceremony, the first in Pakistan! Unexplainable pauses and delays plus poor audio connection. Total darkness in the middle of the park while dancers and musicians perform. Someone has to answer for this.
Bakht Feb 22, 2020 10:50am
What’s his fault. The poor guy did his best. If someone needs to be blamed it must be the people who selected him in the first place.