Rabi Pirzada acquitted in keeping wild reptiles case

Rabi Pirzada acquitted in keeping wild reptiles case

Last year, the wildlife department filed a complaint against the singer as she'd mentioned keeping reptiles in a video.
14 Feb, 2020

A judicial magistrate at Model Town courts on Thursday acquitted singer Rabi Pirzada in a case of keeping wild reptiles at her house.

The singer through her counsel Hassan Khalid Ranjha had filed an acquittal application in the case.

The counsel for the singer argued that the petitioner did not violate any law, but the wildlife department implicated her in a fake case out of personal vendetta.

He said the department initiated proceedings against the singer and later obtained search warrants from the court.

Magistrate Haris Siddiqui allowed the application and acquitted the petitioner.

Ms Pirzada was also present in the court.

Talking to the media after her acquittal, the singer said she was ready to work for the protection of wildlife, in collaboration with the department.

Last year, wildlife department had filed a complaint, pleading that the singer committed violation of law by keeping a crocodile and a python at her house and salon.

It said Ms Pirzada admitted in a social media video that she had been keeping the reptiles for the last five years. It asked the court to summon the singer and order legal action against her.

Originally published in Dawn, February 14th, 2020


Cris Dan Feb 14, 2020 11:33am
She deserved it.
Ibrahim S Feb 15, 2020 02:37am
If she didn’t break the law then its OK to keep the pets per bylaw ( if we have one in land of pure) . I am just curious on what grounds Wildlife department lodged the complaint. Either they are pushed aside or they don’t have the rules and regulations for private citizens to keep wildlife animals as pet. Here is an opportunity for them to review the rules and regulations and share with the public. I guess in any case a permit should be required to keep wildlife as a pet.