Jemima Goldsmith tells Meghan Markle she knows what it's like to marry a national hero

Jemima Goldsmith tells Meghan Markle she knows what it's like to marry a national hero

She said she could empathise with The Duchess of Sussex, who has been bullied by the media for her ethnicity and gender
16 Jan, 2020

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shocked the world last week when they announced they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family.

Everyone has thoughts; from Twitter dubbing the move Megxit to even Ahmed Ali Butt making predictions about the couple.

Jemima Goldsmith, however, didn't just speak up about the situation, but related to the vitriol the Duchess of Sussex has been enduring. She took to Twitter to call out the obvious sexism that female members of the royal family have to endure, especially if they are foreign or of a different ethnicity.

Jemima wrote, "The female consort is always demonised. Compare the coverage of Diana, Fergie, Camilla, 'Waity Katy', and Meghan with the sparse and gentle coverage of male consorts - Prince Phillip, Mark Phillips, Timothy Lawrence, Mike Tindall, Jack Brooksbank."

By Waity Katy, Jemima referred to the cruel nickname given to the now beloved Kate Middlteton because of how long she was in a relationship with Prince William before the two decided to get married.

Jemima went on to call out the "special scorn reserved for the American consort with the power to break up the boy band - Wallis, Meghan, Yoko, Linda, Gwyneth etc."

She lent her support to Meghan, relating to the spiteful way she is being depicted by many who seem to forget that Prince Harry is a grown man not only capable of making his own decisions but making a decision we should be able to understand considering he actually said, "I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum."

"I don’t necessarily agree with the way Meghan & Harry have handled things," said Jemima." "But I know what Princess Diana went through and what it’s like to marry a national hero from another country and be attacked by the media for your ethinicity (too Jewish, in my case)."

Although Jemima had converted to Islam for her marriage to Imran Khan, she had also suffered a lot of backlash by the media. The marriage had also been used to vilify Khan's political career.

Many responded to Jemima's post, including Mehwish Hayat.