Updated 10 May, 2017

Are PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his ex-wife Jemima Khan still besties?

It looks like it.

From her latest Instagram post, it appears that Jemima WhatsApps her ex-hubs when she's #BoredOnASaturdayNight:

Jemima sent Imran Khan FaceApped photos of their younger son Kasim as a woman, among other face-swaps that the popular mobile app allows.

While Imran was amusingly mortified, Jemima thinks her attempt at finding a diversion turned out to be quite "unfun"! (She was probably rooting for a "LOL" instead.)

Still, it's only your most trusted pals whom you can expect to humour your silly side — and it's nice to know IK's still got Jemima's back!