You can now go ice fishing on your next trip to Malam Jabba

You can now go ice fishing on your next trip to Malam Jabba

There's also an international snowboarding championship being organised there!
Updated 04 Jan, 2020

Scores of tourists from across the country thronged Swat to enjoy snowfall and ice fishing in the picturesque areas of the district.

The ice fishing has been introduced for the first time in Malam Jabba where tourists can crack the ice of the frozen ponds and enjoy fishing the trout. The tourists said that it was something new and unique to experience fishing in a frozen pond.

“This is something new and unique when you are in a very cold weather and water under your feet is frozen and you have the opportunity to fish trout. Fortunately we experienced it today here in the green valley of Malam Jabba,” Najma, a tourist from Muzafarabad, who was fishing in a frozen pond, told this scribe.

She said that she caught a fish after spending half an hour and her excitement knew no bounds.

The tourists have not only the fishing opportunity in a scenic environment but can grill them for their lunch and dinner.

“When you catch fish and then grill it yourself, it definitely has no match. I really enjoyed eating trout fish after catching them and then eating them in my lunch,” said Azhar Ali, a tourist from Lahore.

The tourists said that the green valley in Malam Jabba was calm and serene, offering unlimited fun of nature and adventure to the visitors.

“We first enjoyed skiing and ride in the chairlift in the ski resort and then came here to the green valley where we had amazing moments of ice fishing,” said another tourist, who was accompanied by her friends.

Umar Sami, the managing director of Malam Jabba ski resort, said that they wanted to provide every fun related to snow and ice to the visitors.

“Therefore, we initiated the ice fishing activity for the first time in this part of the country. I am happy that tourists enjoy this unique activity,” he added.

Mr Sami said that soon an international snowboarding championship would be organised in Malam Jabba.

Originally published in Dawn, January 3rd, 2020


Fastrack Jan 03, 2020 12:20pm
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Khalil Jan 03, 2020 04:29pm
I visited the Kallam Valley with my friends in Oct 2019.....i witnessed the beathtaking views of blue water and green top tourist points. Japani fruit (sharon fruit) was in season at the time and it was lovely to see so many trees in full blossom. Mallam Jabba is in the same district. What a place!
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Ehsan Jan 03, 2020 07:46pm
It’s about time we start branding Pakistan and Pakistani products
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Kiwi Jan 07, 2020 05:34pm
Now there will be zero fish left in whole region. Why aren't promote catch and release ? Why not educate people to promote conservation and preserve natural beauty? We are very good wiping out and destroying natural beauty. Tourism without planning and without conservation is total destruction. Must think about it. !!!
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