I find myself becoming a better person around Mansha, shares Jibran Nasir

I find myself becoming a better person around Mansha, shares Jibran Nasir

He describes her as "somebody who makes me happy, somebody who helps me grow."
24 Dec, 2019

Jibran Nasir is now engaged to Mansha Pasha and he has nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

The activist was a guest on Shehzad Ghias' podcast The Pakistan Experience and while there was a lot to discuss, the first thing the comedian asked was about the engagement. Understandable.

The interview happened at a time when the engagement wasn't confirmed but it was what Jibran said about the bride-to-be, Mansha and the decision to get married that had us swooning.

"It was an organic decision," said Jibran. "You come at a point in your life where you feel you're ready for this milestone and with her, the time was right. We're very happy with our decision."

Jibran described Mansha as "somebody who makes me happy, somebody who helps me grow and somebody who's been an emotional cornerstone."

"That's the kind of person you want to be your partner for life. And I'm trying to do the same for her."

He added, "I find myself becoming a better person around her. So if somebody can have that positive effect on my life, that is definitely a relationship worth celebrating."

About when he knew she was the one, Jibran explained, "We're from two different worlds. So this is something you realise in the general progression. Like when I've gone through a tough time or she has, so you see how the other person has played a part in your life. When you recall the role they played in your life and realise this isn't some fickle relationship. There is stability, maturity and and genuine care for the other. It's one thing to think 'what do I want from this relationship?' but then there's also 'what can I do for you?' and that gives you a proper direction."

Well said! It's refreshing to see a person talk about their significant other in a mature manner rather than the filmesque rom-com tropes many are used to expecting. As Jibran pointed out, there's more to finding 'the one' than love at first sight.

Being in the field he is, it's no wonder he was asked whether he was putting his future wife in the line of fire. But Jibran being who he is, or rather Mansha being who she is, he had the best answer.

"She's smart strong and makes her own decision and who am I to endanger her in anyway, she's not a child. She endangered herself," he laughed. "I'm no one to intervene."

And no, Jibran did not get on one knee to propose.

"I'm not saying one shouldn't do that, but that's not how it happened for us," he said. "These moments develop, you can't manufacture them."

He even made a jab at being asked that, saying, "Why would you think every girl has that fantasy?"

Jibran and Mansha got engaged on Sunday, having a small day affair held at Jibran's relative's house. For now, there is no news of when the two will get hitched.


Jabar Dec 24, 2019 05:03pm
I wish them happy life along with hope that some day we may have seen simple, brave and stubborn Jibran as our PM and Mansha as first lady along his side.
ali Dec 24, 2019 06:12pm
Both are overrated.
Ruswai 2 Dec 24, 2019 07:54pm
Who are these people? Showbiz?? Please tell me.
Nasir Dec 24, 2019 08:14pm
You are one of the few good Pakistani”s that try and implement the vision of the Qaid instead of U turning or compromising like others
Fastrack Dec 24, 2019 08:26pm
She is an actress. And he is?
Captain Dec 24, 2019 10:50pm
.....since u are newly married .... will ask you next year ......
Dr.Sadaf Dec 27, 2019 01:23am
Why put so much responsibility on your partner,, you should be able to manage yourself than expect the other person to baby sit for you.