2019 has been Arslan Ash's year.
2019 has been Arslan Ash's year.

There is no denying that when it comes to Esports, 2019 has been Arslan Ash's year.

From becoming the first ever unified EVO champion to Pakistan's first Red Bull athlete, the pro gamer has made quite the name for himself and garnered a following that can't help but admire his journey and talent. But this is just the beginning for the Tekken champ.

The ESPN Esports awards for Best Player took place on Friday where Ash won the award in both the fan's poll and ESPN's choice. Much like his EVO win, this was unified.

Hearthstone player Victory Key's Li 'Liooon' Xiaomeng won ESPN's Best moment of the year - also being the first woman to win at BlizzCon. While Arslan Ash was right behind her as first runner-up for his EVO wins, he won Best Moment in the fan's poll for his EVO wins. That's three wins!

Arslan's accomplishments have brought attention to Pakistan's gaming community, particularly the FGC.