15 Nov, 2019

Arslan Siddique has come a long way from those days of hanging around at the arcade.

The gamer, who is known as Arslan Ash, made his name in the Fighting Game Community (FGC) by becoming the first unified Evo champion in Tekken 7. Now, he has added another feather to his cap by joining the roster of Red Bull Athletes, becoming the first Pakistani gamer to do so.

Speaking to Images, the gamer revealed that, "When I started sports gaming, I always imagined how cool it would be to become a part of Red Bull athletes group and now when I'm here, it’s a dream come true."

"It was a very emotional moment for me when gaming legends like BigBird and Anakin welcomed me to the Red Bull family and I believe that this association will give me more opportunities to excel."

He added, "You become what’s written in your fate; once I realized I was good at it, I did not want to do anything other than pursuing my passion."

The Red Bull Athletes is an endorsement program by the brand that signs on players from various sports, including esports. Major players include Daigo and Bonchan. Arslan's joining the roster can only be the beginning for the gaming community in Pakistan which is finally getting the spotlight it deserves.

At the press conference, Arslan had said, “Red Bull has a huge presence in the international gaming industry and it feels like finally joining my family. Red Bull athletes are a class apart and some of the greatest players in the world. So, it really feels amazing to be a part of this elite group. And it’s an honor for me to represent Pakistan through this in the world.”

For now, Arslan's next step is the Tekken World Tour 2019 Finals in December in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is among the top 20 players invited to compete. Should he win that, it will be his third major win of the year.