Tamaasha has certainly pulled it off!
Tamaasha has certainly pulled it off!

Tamaasha has finally released a music video for their hit song 'Roshni' and it's literally out of this world!

The band had shared a teaser last week which showed the sci-fi elements of the video and had us on the edge of our seats and now we finally have the whole version.

If you've been following the band's journey, you may have already heard the song when they left the judges in awe on Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 3. The video itself is very impressive, showing the band as astronauts on an important mission to aid mankind.

Previously, speaking to Images, bassist and director of music video Ali Raza Soomro had said, "We embraced the biggest challenge of our lives with the ambition we had for 'Roshni'. Science-fiction is not an easy job to pull off, especially when it is so seldom done in Pakistan."

Well, Tamaasha has certainly pulled it off and to that we say;

Here's hoping this means more sci-fi will make it's way in Pakistan's entertainment industry!