PC: Pepsi Battle of the Bands
PC: Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Tamaasha won everyone's hearts when they participated in Pepsi's Battle of the Bands and they have more in store for their fans.

The band just dropped a teaser for their upcoming single and it looks like they have a lot to say to all those who exploit artists in the name of exposure.

The teaser is shared with the message: "For too long have artists in Pakistan struggled to make a living, to find the right platform, and forced to work for 'exposure'! With the launch of our debut single, Tamaasha calls on the artist community of Pakistan to rise up and get their voices heard!"

Along with an interesting video and beat to hint a really good track, the song, titled 'Paisa Phenk' comes with its own movement with the same title, asking fellow artists to share their stories regarding being exploited.

Speaking to Images, vocalist Bilal Ahmad said, "In our time playing in the underground as well as in the mainstream, we've experience countless instances of low consideration and compensation for artists in general, as we're sure nearly every artist has."

"Our very first single, 'Paisa Phenk', is a speech, one that aims to spark a movement that calls for artists standing up for their rights! It's a very sensitive topic for us, and we hope the community understands how crucial their voice is in this process."

He added, "Musicians aren't the only victims of this treatment. Writers, designers, photographers, dancers, nearly every practitioner of any art form goes through issues of adequate compensation for their work."

Tamaasha reached top 3 in the third season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, much to their fans' - and Fawad Khan's - dismay, who wanted to see them take home the prize. Well, with the track we're expecting, it looks like they won plenty.