None of the wild animals I take pictures with are mine, says Rabi Pirzada

None of the wild animals I take pictures with are mine, says Rabi Pirzada

The singer also denies receiving a notice from the Wildlife Department.
18 Sep, 2019

Singer Rabi Pirzada has denied reports she faces possible arrest and jail time for keeping exotic animals as pets, claiming she does not own them.

"I take pictures with other people's pets, I'm not scared of any animal," Pirzada said. "Wildlife walay are so-called friends of Modi and in India, they ran the news that I've been jailed for threatening Modi, no mention of the snakes. That was a cheap publicity they did."

The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department had earlier submitted a challan in a court against her for taking pictures and videos with the reptiles.

The department pleaded in the complaint that the singer committed violation of wildlife laws by keeping dangerous reptiles at home. It said the singer admitted in a social media video that she had been keeping the reptiles for the last five years.

Pirzada also claims she has not been contacted by the Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department.

"I'm not scared of the Wildlife Department's allegations and so far, I haven't received a notice of any sort from them. I'm working for Kashmir, this is not my job but if the government is sleeping then let me do it."

"I do not own any of these animals, it's just that I'm not afraid, so I take a picture and that's it."


Indian Sep 18, 2019 05:04pm
Pakistani Sep 18, 2019 05:13pm
ok so she is taking photos with the animals. What is the harm?
kamal chowkidar Sep 18, 2019 05:37pm
Taking U turn now.
Nh Sep 18, 2019 06:04pm
Let her go. Catch the crooks who looted millions of Pakistan and riding in jeeps costing over Rs 30 million.
AZAM AKBAR Sep 18, 2019 07:36pm
Ms. Rabi Pirzada, You are not exceptional.
Bipin Sep 18, 2019 07:39pm
Not afraid. Bring it up.
Reborn Sep 18, 2019 07:48pm
Okay great. Now lie your way out of this.
Dr. Doctor Sep 18, 2019 08:05pm
Convenient denial. For some reason appears to top Bill Clinton's response.
Abhi Non Done Sep 18, 2019 09:25pm
She need to be arrest.
Zeeshan Ahmed Sep 18, 2019 11:54pm
They're also photo shopped.
Captain Sep 19, 2019 07:17am
Matter needs to be investigated as there is some hanky panky here ...... gettting publicity for nothing
SHIRAZ Sep 19, 2019 12:17pm
I guess there is amistake in the text of this article. "...I'm not scared of any animal..." should be corrected as "...I'm not scared of any plastic toy animal..."