We thought calling the lungi a flowing mini skirt was the peak of misappropriation but here we are.
We thought calling the lungi a flowing mini skirt was the peak of misappropriation but here we are.

Another day, another act of cultural appropriation, only this time it's a little too hilarious.

Often we've read stories about South Asian fashion being appropriated as 'festive wear' or 'tribal chic' and we've had enough examples in the past few years to exhaust us.

From Ajrak print being dubbed French inspired brick multi pattern to the wonderful kohla-puri being sold as a 'tribal inspired toe-ring strap construction', we've seen it all. Heck, they didn't even leave the lungi alone, calling it a flowing mini skirt, so what else could be done?

A lot.

UK-based vintage store, Thrifted got their hands on a few goodies to sell for cheap and they got their fair share of boho dresses to sell. The problem? They aren't boho dresses, they are kurtas. Pretty kurtas, yes, but kurtas.

You'd think this is the point where we raise our voice. That this is where we say, "How can you take our cultural wear and dub it boho, almost taking it back to the point of 'festive wear'?"

This is where we'd exclaim "Stop fetishising our culture with such an ignorant mindset and give our fashion the respect it deserves. Do not appropriate our culture!" But we had to hold on to that, because there is more to the appropriation and ignorance involved.

For you see, the 'boho dresses' on display aren't just kurtas, they are kurtas without the shalwar... or a trouser... or a pant... it's just a top. Such exotic, much wow.

So basically this

And yes, while we can't stop laughing, we are surprised at the level of ignorance and aren't alone. South Asian Twitter couldn't resist expressing their outrage of the misappropriation but also mocking the incomplete ensemble.

At least do it right is all we're saying

Yeah, we don't blame you

This is what happens when desi moms don't knock sense into you

The most important point to make

Oh well, here are some more "boho dresses"

Done better, if you ask us