Hang on to summer with these top 5 make up trends

From simple blush tones to neons, summer trends in 2019 signal one thing — celebrating your own unique style.
Updated Sep 12, 2019 10:04am

Now that the humidity is down, the monsoon season is over and it’s stopped raining cats and dogs, it’s time to step out in style — and maybe even dare to put on makeup without having it melt off.

Makeup trends this summer range from crazy neons to a barely-there natural glow, which means you can put your inner makeup artist to the test and go all out.

As for the subtle sisters with the not-so-advanced makeup skills (or frankly, the will to pile on products in this heat), a fresh-faced look is just as trendy and on-point.

Here are the top five makeup trends that have been making the rounds on social media and our TV screens, but are just as chic off-camera and on the streets of Pakistan.

1. Lip and cheek stain

The super versatile lip and cheek stain is having a bit of a spotlight moment when it comes to global makeup trends, but especially so in Pakistan.

This product is the star performer in the no-makeup makeup look. Think dewy skin, tinted moisturiser, subtle mascara and the grand entry of a healthy flush, achieved with a rose-toned tint, of course.

This look is so on-point right now that even brides are choosing to do this on their big day — and that is a big deal considering weddings, for some brides, are the only occasions in their life to get dolled up by a professional makeup artist.

Naimal Khawar Khan, aka Mrs Hamza Ali Abbasi, was most recently seen sporting the look at her wedding ceremony, although I have to say this look gained momentum with Urwa Hocane.

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Whatever her outfit, glowy skin and a rosy lip-and-cheek combo (with a little tint on the tip of the nose too) is Urwa’s signature look. I remember her being one of the first brides to go for this subtle makeup style on her wedding.

The damsels-in-distress/shareef girl-next-door in our TV serials are always sporting the flushed-skin look, so it’s no surprise that it has ended up becoming the standard for college girls, brides and celebrities all across Pakistan.

In fact, all across South Asia, from celebrities to brides to bloggers and Tik-Tok influencers in India, the lip-tint is a trusted ally in every girl’s makeup kit.

2. Highlighter

Grab a chair, sit down and listen — because the highlighter is not going away for a long time. Usually the final step and a sister step to that no-makeup look, the highlighter is more on trend than ever.

Is there anything a poppin’ highlighter can’t fix? Dull skin? Highlighter. Sleepy eyes? Inner corner highlighter. No cheekbones? Highlighter. Break up with boyfriend? Slay that highlighter.

. Here’s something interesting. My keen observation and (scientific?) research has led me to a very firm belief: Madame Noor Jehan is the real MVP when it comes to highlighters.

That blinding highlighter on her brow bone and shimmery cheekbones lowkey started with her, and us mere makeup mortals were just never at par with how fashion forward she truly was.

She was just way ahead of her time.

From a glam runway glow to a blushing bride, highlighters are the star product and the magic dust to complete any makeup look. I literally cannot imagine a time when we did makeup without highlighters.

Actually, wait — I can. It was the 1990s and …we all remember 90s makeup, so let’s not go there.

3. Neon lids

Okay, enough with the no-makeup look and the natural dewy goddess glow. Let’s roll up the sleeves and bring out the Picassos in the house.

Neon on the lids is extremely on-trend right now. Whether it’s a monochrome neon lid, an inner corner highlight or a more subtle winged liner, bright oranges, road-sign neon yellows, citrusy lime greens and hot pink shades on your peepers are all the rage.

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And it makes my heart sing that us South Asian women today are not afraid to experiment with colour and wacky makeup.

For the longest time, women in our culture are policed about wearing makeup, whether it’s stopping them from wearing certain shades of lipstick or stopping them from wearing makeup at all. I think this little colourful rebellion of painting your face in a bright neon is a healthy expression of badassery.

And this is being made possible with local, home-grown brands like Zay Beauty and their product launches, such as the Shokh eyeshadow palette.

In the brand’s own words: “Shokh (adjective) — An Urdu word to describe something or someone bring, colorful and vivid. The palette contains intensely bright shades which are perfect to create various creative but wearable looks. Who said wearable looks have to be boring?”

Neon pink, electric blue and bright corals are just some of the shades in their aptly-named palette that encourages women to think outside the box and try unique colours.

Huda Beauty may have launched her Neon Obsessions’ eyeshadow palette on May 30, but our Pakistani beauty brand was ahead of the game with their April 20 launch.

4. Graphic winged eyeliner

This is another of my favourite makeup trends making the rounds. With the heavy Instagram-baddie makeup looks and perfect cut-creases dominating the makeup industry for the past few years, I believe the graphic eyeliner comes as a more minimalistic rebellion to ongoing trends — much like it was popularised in the protest-heavy 1960s.

As with everything retro that’s being brought back, this makeup look suddenly picked up in the past few months after floating around with minimal success on the runways since 2015.

It offers a more simplistic yet edgy alternative to the excessive blending, smoking and what-have-you with eyeshadow pigments and glitters.

5. Petal-hues

Pastel pinks, lilacs and petal pink shades are trending right now. Perhaps not with as much rage as the bright neon shadows, but they’re having a moment alright. If you think these colours are reserved for your cheeks alone, think again.

These pastel hues look dainty, almost fairy-like on the eyes and suit a variety of skin tones. Pause the dark hues in the summertime. Whip out the flower power, ‘cause pastel pink glosses, blushes and eyeshadows are all the rage.

The diversity of 2019 summer makeup trends points to a shift in cultural mindset. To step outside the line of fashion norms was considered “untrendy”, but the points to the celebration of one’s individual sense of style.

Whether you’re more of a simple blush and mascara girl, or one of the funky ones, summer 2019 makeup trends has a safe space for everyone. #YouDoYouBoo