"It's ridiculous the way they are circulating wrong news," said Rabia.
"It's ridiculous the way they are circulating wrong news," said Rabia.

For some odd reason, news started going viral that Abid Ali has passed away, which isn't true at all.

The veteran actor has been severely unwell for the past two months, as his daughters revealed before, but many publications started announcing his passing, which according to his sister is false.

Speaking to Images, Rabia - the actor's sister - made clear that the news is fake.

Rabia shared, "This news that all the channels are showing, copying each other without any research on their part and circulating this ridiculous unverified information to the public, is wrong. This is absolutely wrong! They should be ashamed of themselves and they should be punished for it."

She went on to say, "Abid Ali is alive. Yes, he is unwell and yes, his condition is critical, but he is still alive and may he get better."

To all the publications and channels that spread this news, she said: "Who are these people to declare his death without even finding out what is happening? It is all a lie. Please stop it!"

Daughters Iman Aly and Rahma Ali also took to Instagram to call out the publications for their uninformed posts.

Wrote Iman Aly, "He is alive and all of our family are praying for his recovery. The social media magnates whose drive is to post unverified news of such grave matter is utterly disgusting and disturbing. Our family has been through turmoil all in the name of breaking news. I hope such bloggers are brought to justice in public eye. The power of written word is very strong and should be treated with respect."

Rahma Ali also thanked everyone for the prayers and simply requested, "Please don't spread rumours."