The actor has a bone to pick regarding the lack of NGOs for men in the country...
The actor has a bone to pick regarding the lack of NGOs for men in the country...

Mohsin Abbas Haider has a bone to pick.

The actor, who was granted pre-arrest bail yesterday by a Sessions Court in Lahore is upset that no NGO has reached out to help him, after his wife, Fatema Sohail accused him of sexual harassment.

"No NGO has contacted me. They have only heard Fatema's side of the story and are only supporting her...which isn't a bad thing but I really wish we had NGOs to protect men's rights, to hear their side of the story too."

The actor also accused Fatema of taking away attention from women who have "actually endured domestic abuse".

"I feel all genders are equal. Men, women, old, young, animals all should be treated alike. We can make NGOs for all of them but then the purpose should be to support the truth. Human rights does not mean women rights only. We should also be able to put our side of the story on the table. I'm being accused of putting on a show because I am an actor. But let me tell you sir, there's no better performer than a woman."

Now, we know what you’re thinking: really?

How, in a post-#MeToo world, where men are constantly reminded of their advantages over women could a campaign for men’s rights make even the remotest sense? Apparently it does to Mohsin Abbas Haider except last we checked, domestic abuse is a crime, not a right.

On Saturday night, Mohsin Abbas Haider's wife, Fatema accused him of cheating, beating her up, even while she was 3 months pregnant and taking Rs 5 million from her which he has not given back yet.

An FIR was registered against the actor under Section 406 (criminal breach of trust) and Section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Pakistan Penal Code and included charges of hurling life threats on the complainant; he is currently out on anticipatory bail and the next court hearing is scheduled for 5 August.