Whatsapp went down last night and people lost their minds

Whatsapp went down last night and people lost their minds

Twitter became the king of social media when Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook crashed
04 Jul, 2019

All hell broke loose yesterday when social media sites Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were not loading content for their users.

That's when the OG Twitter came to rescue. Users started complaining about this glitch on Twitter and the hashtags #WhatsAppDown #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown started trending.

This global shutdown had a lot of people scratching their heads, and many turned to Twitter for their daily dose of social media interaction. The result also included some hilarity and proof that people can find the humour in anything.

Back to the stone-age folks!

When everybody took to Twitter to rant (within 280 characters, of course)

This was all of us entering Twitter TBH

We be waiting like

When the only thing connecting you to the world is down

Sorry, too soon?

The neighbours were probably concerned weren't they?

Twitter watching the world BURRRN

We're watching you, Mark Zuckerberg

Did you try turning it on and off? Yes Shazia, we did!

Long live the King

Javeria! You have your answer!