Sarfaraz Ahmed's winning moment was a yawn

Sarfaraz Ahmed's winning moment was a yawn

Our cricket team might perform terribly, but at least they give us great memes.
17 Jun, 2019

Have you ever laughed at an inappropriate moment, like at a funeral or during a meeting?

Perhaps that's what happened to team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, who was caught on camera yawning widely during the India-Pakistan match that we lost last night.

It was a long-awaited match and hopes ran high, but Pakistan, who opted to bowl first, did not manage to restrain the Indian side who went on to set a target of 337 runs.

Pakistani cricket fans are used to being disappointed, but that doesn't lessen the sting of defeat. The only silver lining in all this is that Pakistani cricket fans turned their angst into humour, producing some memorable jokes and memes... and Sarfaraz yawning featured prominently in many of them.

Like this one

(We're still mad they didn't bat first, can you tell?)

An alternative career might be a good idea

The Imran Khan x yawn memes are even funnier

Ok wait, this Game of Thrones x yawn meme topped that


Yep, who else can relate?

This was a yawn heard all around the world!