The actor posted his thoughts on Twitter.
The actor posted his thoughts on Twitter.

Asif Ali Zardari, Altaf Hussain and Hamza Shahbaz have been taken into custody but Gohar Rasheed has other pressing concerns he'd rather the government take care of.

The actor posted his thoughts on Twitter, outraged that on the development and infrastructure front, the country is failing to get by, while some members in the government celebrate victory over the arrest of two politicians.

He tweeted, "Both the 'kings of corruption' are in jail. Amazing. 'This is Naya Pakistan in 9 months'. Uhhhmazing. Wait though, how does it matter to any of us? I want the dollar rate to come down. I want to see more employment and fair pay opportunities. I want a CLEANER city/country."

"I want a far more organized traffic system. I want strict law and order. I want our cops to look like... cops. I want LINE KA PAANI!" added Gohar.

The actor's raised issues which have been the topic of conversation in the country for a while now, the economy is at a low and people are hardly getting by with the inflation.

Let's hope these are concerns the PM is taking just as seriously as his plans to put corrupt politicians behind bars.