Singer Jawad Ahmed has weighed in on PM Imran and Bilawal's recent trade of insults and stressed that both should instead be focused on providing relief and economic solutions to their people.

Ahmed took to Twitter yesterday to share these thoughts, "#ImranKhan & #BilawalZardari are both graduates of Oxford University.They both are from the 1%,the Elite.They are both Chairmen of their parties in government.They are both insulting each other instead of giving a solid economic plan for the 99%,for Middle Class,Poor & the Youth."

Ahmed, who heads his own political party called Barabari Party, has been very vocal about his frustrations with the current government.

Last month, we was stopped from making 'anti-PM' remarks at a social media conference in Faisalabad, where he criticised the mudslinging that occurred between Imran Khan and his political rival Nawaz Sharif. He had said neither government has been honest or fair to its people.