*There's really nothing like mother's wisdom and Iqra Aziz knows it.

Taking to Instagram today, Iqra thanked her mother Assiya Aziz for not giving a care to societal norms and raising her daughters to be strong and hardworking.

Posting one of her favourite photos of her mother, she wrote, "Everyone believes that their mom is the world's best mother and I'm the same. But you are my ideal, Ammi, and whatever I am today, I owe to you and your upbringing.

"I'm so grateful that you broke this world's silly rules and raised your daughters to be hardworking and strong and taught us that we can't achieve anything in this world without hard work."

It definitely looks like Iqra Aziz fans will soon be her mother's fans. 'Cos if you love the Suno Chanda star's work, you have her to thank for it!