"Sometimes things don't work out," said the actor.
"Sometimes things don't work out," said the actor.

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora's end to an 18-year marriage, sent shock waves among fans. Arbaaz reveals that even though everything looked fine on the surface level, the marriage was still on the rocks.

Speaking to Indian publication The Good Times, Arbaaz opened up about why his marriage with Malaika did not work out and whether he would tie the knot again.

"Everything seemed fine but it crumbled. Sometimes things don't work out and it's only fair that two people who want to take life into their own hands will make a decision - I have no issues with that," said the actor.

And has the divorce changed his views towards marriage? He said, "I'm not disillusioned nor have I become bitter about it."

"Of course I would recommend marriage to others. Times are changing, even in the past people had kids without getting married but marriage gives stability to your family and people around you. It's a working institution and it can fail in certain situations."

Arbaaz also added there's "a good chance marriage can happen in my life again. Maybe it will."

The couple wed in December, 1998 and were officially divorced in May 2017. They have a 17-year-old son together, named Arhaan Khan.

Arbaaz is currently dating model Giorgia Andriani while Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are rumoured to be together.