She thanked everyone for the love and support.
She thanked everyone for the love and support.

Earlier this week, Saboor Aly was hospitalised due to food poisoning. Rumours, however, stated that the actor was admitted as a result of a suicide attempt.

The Gul-o-Gulzar actor took to social media to respond. "There is no truth to any of this (suicide attempt rumours). I had simply been admitted to the hospital due to a bad case of food poisoning and I am fine now."

She thanked everyone for the love and support, and also shed light on how grave the situation around mental health is and should not be taken lightly.

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"I would also like to request everyone to not spread news about anyone as mental health and death are not topics of jokes and no one needs to be put through this kind of trauma simply because you are misinformed. Think about the other person before you post such news."

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Saboor raises a valid concern as the subject of suicide has resurfaced on social media, like Anam Tanoli's tragic death which sparked a discussion on mental health in the entertainment industry. Though mental health awareness is on the rise in Pakistan, we still struggle to talk about mental health in a sensitive, constructive manner.