This Pakistani Instagram influencer wants to normalise body hair

This Pakistani Instagram influencer wants to normalise body hair

Pakistanis have a gora complex but we also have a body hair complex. Baemisaal is calling it out.
Updated 01 Apr, 2019

If you don't already follow Baemisaal by now, you need to get on it.

The social media influencer and fashion blogger is a rare Instagram find; whether it's preaching body positivity by being a plus-sized model or keeping it real, talking candidly about depression, her posts always stand out, including her latest about our societal obsession with women being hairless:

She wrote: "Most of you will cringe and even unfollow. Please go ahead. My life and actions do not exist to define yours. I simple vow to live my life unafraid and carved out of the molds you’d have me fit into. My girls, those reading this, I face the same brunts you do. I fight the same battles if not all. I’m sick of apologising for and being guilty of hiding parts of me that I am made to be ashamed of."

She adds that it took her a month to accept and love herself with hair on a body.

"It was HARD. I put so much pressure on myself to look good not because of society but because I like looking a certain way. This includes the hair on my body. Something I was born with. Something men are told to have to be manly, something we are told to remove to be women. I will remove it on my own terms. I will grow it on my own terms. Let’s redefine what it means to be a woman or a man," she added.

Raise your hands if you've ever felt pressured to remove body hair or were made to feel conscious about it; we know we have. More power to Baemisaal for refusing to conform to ridiculous standards of "beauty".