29 Mar, 2019

Emmad Irfani is a versatile actor.

He's appeared in many dramas such as Sanam, Sehra Mein Safar and Maryam Periera to name a few; he's currently starring in Cheekh. He also had a cameo in his cousin Farjad Nabi's directorial, 7 Din Mohabbat In (also his big screen debut in a way!).

But if there was ever any doubt about him being able to transform himself into different characters, it's gone now. In a collage on Instagram that made us scroll back up, Irfani was sporting three avatars: Neil McCauley from Heat, Freddie Mercury of Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Clark Kent aka Superman.

We're not the only ones impressed:

Personally, we think we nailed the Clark Kent but tell us what you think!


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haris Mar 29, 2019 03:07pm
add Micheal Fassbender into the list. And my upvote with this option too.
Yawar Mar 29, 2019 08:51pm
Who is emmad irfani?
Laila Mar 30, 2019 05:01am
I prefer Emmad as Emmad. Really a very handsome man. His acting abilities are grossly underestimated. Hope he gets a great lead role soon. Love him in Cheekh though.