Maryam Periera puts the spotlight on Pakistan's Christian community with a love story

Published 23 Oct, 2018 04:14pm

Images Staff

Ahsan Khan says the drama isn't capitalising on a social issue for ratings

While we wait for Aangan and Alif to hit our TV screens, Ahsan Khan can be seen in drama serial Maryam Periera that is based on Pakistan's Christian community.

Speaking to Images, Khan shared that Maryam Periera isn't capitalising on a 'social issue' like mistreatment of minorities to drive up ratings. Instead, he says, it features characters who happen to be Christian in a story that reflects their life and history in Pakistan.

Maryam Periera depicts the love triangle between a Christian woman (Sadia Khan), Ahsan Khan and Emmad Irfani.

"In Pakistan, we use some demeaning terms for the Christian community. Those words are racist and disrespectful. The play is a romantic story and while it doesn't strongly focus on [discrimination], they are brought up as the show progresses."

"I play a character who stands with the community despite my family being against them," he adds.

He made sure to point out that the oppression faced by the community in the drama will not be a reflection of Pakistan but a group of extremists. He will oppose them in the drama as he doesin real life.

He added, "I did not take up this play for the ratings. It was a gesture on my part because the plot of the story is about a community that deserves to be given the spotlight."

The drama, helmed by Gughi director Iqbal Hussain, was conceptualised by Seema Tahir. Ahsan Khan has also produced the drama.

Maryam Periera airs on TV One on Wednesdays at 8pm.