Singer Jawad Ahmad on why his 'anti-PM remarks' cost him his speech at the Faisalabad Arts Council

Singer Jawad Ahmad on why his 'anti-PM remarks' cost him his speech at the Faisalabad Arts Council

Ahmad was barred from speaking at the event following his blatant criticism of Imran Khan's government.
29 Mar, 2019

Singer Jawad Ahmad's criticism of Prime Minister Imran Khan may have cost him his speech at Faisalabad Arts Council yesterday, but that didn't stop him from sharing his thoughts on social media.

Taking to Twitter, the singer said he was invited in his capacity as chairman of his political party the Barabari Party Pakistan, and was meant to make a political speech, not participate in a talk about social media.

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He said his words were received well by the youth in the audience and added that he will soon release the full video of what he said.

Jawad said he was critiquing the current and previous governments and that the audience was clapping and chanting slogans in support of what he was saying. He said "perhaps that upset some people, there were some PTI people there. Their culture has also become like that, Imran Khan has made it like that".

According to a report in Dawn, Ahmad had criticised the governments of both Prime Minister Imran Khan and former PM Nawaz Sharif in Faisalabad yesterday for their mudslinging against each other.

He said both Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan had been terming each other’s governments corrupt, adding that democratic governments had been dubbing martial law regimes corrupt and vice versa. The singer said this meant that so far the country had not been under an honest and fair government.

As soon as he uttered these words, one of the event organisers came to the stage and stopped Jawad, the guest speaker, from speaking further.

After that, the organiser instructed other speakers not to speak against the incumbent government and chanted slogans in favour of Imran Khan.