Reema has enjoyed a successful career in Lollywood but it's come at a dangerous cost.

In her latest interview with Samaa TV, the Love Mein Gumm star says she had endured her fair share of controversies concocted by jealous peers and even escaped an attempt on her life.

Speaking on the show, she said that many a scandalous news item has been penned about her after a competing star bribed their journalist friends to write against her. She then goes on to say that the animosity reached lethal levels at times.

"A long time ago, someone had shots fired at my house. And then some years later, I was doing a shampoo commercial with [director] Asim Raza and someone tried to poison me. God saved me at the time, and the person who was given 100,000 rupees to mix acid in my water or 7-up, she confessed herself."

Although she takes no names, Reema says she eventually confronted the person who tried to murder her.

"I asked her why she did that when there was enough work for both of us. She replied that she couldn't stand it when people praised me. She would get very jealous."

Reema said she spared her would-be murderer and didn't report her to the police because she was the sole breadwinner of her family. "How would her sisters go to school if I sent her to jail," said Reema, adding that she left the punishment up to God.