Twitter celebrates justice served in Khadija Siddiqui stabbing case

Twitter celebrates justice served in Khadija Siddiqui stabbing case

Osman Khalid Butt, Hamza Ali Abbasi rejoice among others as Shah Hussain's acquittal was overturned by the Supreme Court
23 Jan, 2019

The Supreme Court on Wednesday accepted the appeal of Khadija Siddiqui ─ a law student who was stabbed 23 times in Lahore in 2016 ─ and overturned the Lahore High Court's 2018 acquittal of Shah Hussain, ordering his immediate arrest.

Siddiqui had accused Shah Hussain of attacking her on May 3, 2016, near Lahore's Shimla Hill where she, along with her driver, had gone to pick up her younger sister from school. Both sisters were about to get into their car when the helmet-wearing suspect attacked Khadija with a knife and stabbed her 23 times leaving her critically injured.

The high profile case attracted a lot of media attention, due to Khadija's fierce resilience to pursue justice. Celebrities like Osman Khalid Butt, Hamza Ali Abbas and many others rejoiced as the SC announced their verdict:

May all abusers like Shah Hussain get what's coming to them.


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Hmmmmm Jan 23, 2019 06:00pm
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! best news today
Sara Jan 23, 2019 06:37pm
Well done Khadija!! Just cannot believe what you have gone through but justice prevailed in the end. Thank you for not giving up! This was an attempted honour killing. It is finally time that our highest court decides on all such attempts as punishable crimes, rather than a defence of the criminal's honour.
Common Sense Jan 23, 2019 06:48pm
SC has generally been a beacon of hope for justice in Pakistan.
Anti-Corruption_Pakistani Jan 23, 2019 06:59pm
Simply, justice prevailed and correct decision is made - this is another step towards correction of our weaknesses in the judiciary. Well done SC and more similar decisions are expected in the future!
fairplay Jan 23, 2019 07:43pm
finally, common sense law overrules the privileged justice given to a lawyers son. thanks CJP, a good start!
kirran Jan 23, 2019 10:06pm
Excellent news! Such an important verdict for Pakistan . The Supreme Court has done due diligence and saved the day . Let this be an example that the privileged will not be able to evade the consequences of their actions on the basis of their affiliation with the' law.'Well done to Khadija Siddiqui and all her supporters and well wishers for staying the course . Sincerely hope that all other vulnerable women who have suffered violence are also served justice.
Farhan Bhayani Jan 24, 2019 02:09am
While this is definitely a great news, will there be any action taken against the LHC judge who acquitted Shah Hussain?
Ali Sabir Jan 24, 2019 02:48am
He stabbed her 23 times and did not go to jail. I ask you, Where else in South Asia would that happen?
NS Jan 24, 2019 09:38am
Thank you Khadija, you are now a role model for all girls in Pakistan and elsewhere. I hope your story gets lots of media attention so that nobody ever dares to harm women and girls again. We need to collect all the points of the haters and refute them
Komal Jan 24, 2019 10:36am
Best news i got today! more power to Khadija and all those who are fighting against injustice! Just don't give up on your right to justice!
w.shaikh Jan 25, 2019 08:07pm
Well done Khadija. Your fight for Justice deserve recognition and must be appreciated. I do hope that finally the crime committed against you is punished to the fullest extent of law and set an example for all criminals in Pakistan. No one is above the law and Justice must prevail.
Zak Jan 26, 2019 02:08am
Shah hussain and his family must be named and shamed. Shah hussain should be given ultimate punishment, if similar cases are to be deterred.