Mahesh Bhatt lauds Salman Sufi's Violence Against Women Center in Multan

Mahesh Bhatt lauds Salman Sufi's Violence Against Women Center in Multan

The two met when Sufi visited Mumbai to receive the Mother Teresa Award 2018
14 Nov, 2018

Mahesh Bhatt is one of those Bollywood filmmakers who has always called for cross-cultural exchange between Pakistan and India.

We knew he was buddies with Humayun Saeed (he even gave Punjab Nahi Jaungi a big shout-out!) but what we didn't know what that he's also a Salman Sufi admirer (though it's easy to see why!).

Bhatt tweeted words of encouragement for Sufi's Violence Against Women Center in Multan:

The director also shared that the shelter, which is South Asia’s first one-stop help centre is one that the entire SAARC network should replicate to end violence and discrimination against women.

He added, "We can't progress till women of our nation are secure. It's time to end #VAW."

In response, the former director general of CM's Strategic Reform Unit thanked him and tweeted pictures of the duo from when he visited India to receive the Mother Teresa Award (2018); Bhatt was the one who presented the accolade to Sufi.

"Means a lot coming from you sir. It is indeed my next goal to establish such centers of dignity for women survivors of violence all across Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Bhutan and Nepal and MENA - Your kind words and support is heartwarming. Salam from Pakistan," he wrote.

Juggan Kazim also joined in on the cute little exchange:

As an international public policy and gender reforms specialist, Salman Sufi has been working towards women's empowerment for years now; he authored the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act 2016 and is also credited for launching Pakistan’s first campaign for women’s mobility called Women on Wheels.

His work included adding chapters on women’s rights in Punjab text books.


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Zaheer Sufi Nov 14, 2018 06:22pm
There are very few individuals in this world who could emancipate and then do everything possible to accomplish such a noble cause against all odds ! Salman Sufi , thank you for your hard work and we are proud of you.