Updated 01 Jan, 2019

Mathira's New Year's celebrations were cut short by a 'horrible' car accident in Dubai, according to her latest updates on Instagram.

The actor-model-singer revealed that she survived a crash involving her friend Sara's car and two trucks! Yikes.

Posting a photo of herself in a neck brace, Mathira said that she feels 'blessed' to have been 'saved'.

Speaking to Images, she shared that she has suffered three rib fractures and a dislocated jaw and has been admitted to Dubai's Rashid Hospital.

"I hurt from my neck to my back," she said. "But I want to go home."

Talking about how the accident occurred, she shared that a truck hit their car from the back, causing one tyre to burst and the car to spin out of control on a busy highway where it smashed into another truck. She added that their car was about to be hit by a third vehicle "but the Land cruiser driver took a risk and [swerved] to save us. God bless that person."

The Naagin star shared videos of her and Sara chatting and singing in the former's car before the accident and said that "bad eyes" (as in, nazar) and "ill wishers" caused her harm.

Despite her brush with death, Mathira appears to be in high spirits and is promoting her new show on Bol TV.


Imtiaz Ali Khan Jan 01, 2019 03:19pm
Wish you good health soon.
HonorBright Jan 01, 2019 03:21pm
Get well soon beautiful girl
FAISAL Jan 01, 2019 03:27pm
Get Well Soon , Mathira !
Rajesh Jan 01, 2019 03:41pm
I wish you good helth soon.
Citizen Jan 02, 2019 01:12am
Pray for early and complete recovery
Rana happy khan Jan 02, 2019 07:46am
I hope you You are back soon in song and movie thanks
Saira Riaz Jan 02, 2019 09:41am
Get well soon dear
Fahad Jan 02, 2019 10:14am
Best wishes #mathira #real_mathira Get well soon! You are a talented and hard working artist! Keep up the good work!
Bilal Jan 02, 2019 01:30pm
Get well soon
Ayman Jan 02, 2019 07:38pm
Get well soon dear
Hassan Jan 02, 2019 10:48pm
Get well dear