6 looks from BCW that we tried to like but couldn't

Updated 12 Dec, 2018 09:40am

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All that glitters is not gold, designers!

We came close to liking 6 of the designs from the event and those too not even
We came close to liking 6 of the designs from the event and those too not even

The Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week was this weekend and 'twas all about that bling, 'bout that bling, 'bout that bling, no kidding.

However, all that glitters is not gold. The three-day event featured extravagant designs by Nickia Nina, Tabassum Mughal, Nilofer Shahid, Munib Nawaz, HSY and more. But let's be real, how did the designs actually look?

We came close to liking 6 of the designs from the event and those too not even.

Everthine by Samar

This lehenga actually works, it's got soft hues, the dupatta stands out and the ensemble itself is not weighed down by fancy shmancy embellishments. Pretty sweet and simple, so then why didn't it work for us? Because all it needed was an open chiffon jacket instead of a closed one. That's the only peeve we have.

Haris Shakeel

Haris Shakeel got the peplum down but when it came to the lehenga it seems like he lost interest and went with the most basic thing he could think of. We have a few suggests for the lower:

a) A dhoti shalwar as it pairs really well with peplums; or b) A spruced up lehega with more volume in a nicer pastel like pearl pink.

Munib Nawaz

Fusion wear is versatile and pretty darn cool and all but it's tricky to get right; sometimes, it works (hello sari-pants!), sometimes, not so much (see below).

Hania Amir was the showstopper for the Munib Nawaz showcase and we're a little confused; is she going to Coachella or is this supposed to be wedding wear? This does not look like a luxury designer ensemble from anywhere: the choli looks like a cheap crop top and doesn't even sit right, the lehnga also is quite lacklustre, not to mention, the styling does the look no favours either.

That necklace looks like a recycled Halloween accessory and those shiny heels peeking through the bottom are way too clunky. You'd think one might want to have a fitting with their showstopper before the big day; it doesn't seem like that happened here.

While we'd love to show up at the next fam wedding in a choli that says REBEL to rub aunties the wrong way, ending up on worst-dressed lists isn't worth it. Thank you, next.

Annus Abrar

We really wanted to like this, we did. Maroon velvet (and Neelam Munir!) has our heart but this number just had way too much going on.

The lehnga is drowning in chunky embroidery and is way OTT and the contrasting colour combinations don't really work together in this case.

Sahar Atif

Sadaf Kanwal looks pretty killer in this black-and-white lehnga choli set but zoom into the lehnga's details and the embroidery will have you say 'err, no'. Why ruin the picture of elegance with big, shimmery spirals? That's a question for Sahar Atif to answer.

Nilofer Shahid

Mawra Hocane's pretty looks were completely squandered in her turn as showstopper for Nilofer Shahid.

Inundated with embroidery, the gold lehnga set drowned her slender frame and the work wasn't exactly awe-inspiring... or it may have justified the onslaught. The kameez features long panels that split open to reveal more of the same embroidery on the lehnga; if the work wasn't the focal point of the ensemble, why make such an effort to show it?