6 Coke Studio songs we have on repeat

Published Sep 06, 2018 03:21pm
If you don't know what's been up with Coke Studio this season, we're here to help you catch up
If you don't know what's been up with Coke Studio this season, we're here to help you catch up

A few episodes into Coke Studio and we have a bunch of new faves.

From reimaginings of classics like 'Piya Ghar Aya' to fresh compositions like Shuja Haider's 'Aatish', Coke Studio has something to tickle everyone's musical fancy.

If you don't know what's been up with Coke Studio this season, we're here to help you catch up:

1) Krewella's 'Runaway'

'Runaway' uses the talents of American EDM act Krewella in an unexpected way. The sarangi and dholak ease us into Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf's gentle vocals who serenade us with a love song that segues into a ghazal performed by Riaz and Ghulam Qadri. The song grows on you with every listen.

2) Ataullah Esakhelvi and Sanwal Esakhelvi's 'Allah Karesi'

The talented father/son duo come together to fuse their different aural sensibilities, combining classic folk and EDM to bridge a massive musical divide. Ataullah sahab brings his powerful vocals to the Siraiki composition (also one of his iconic tracks) while son Sanwal demonstrates his mastery over EDM, turning the song up a notch while keeping the soft melodic notes of the original track. It brings out the vocals of his father even more.

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3) Chand Tara Orchestra's 'Nami Danam'

Chand Tara Orchestra made its debut on Coke Studio last weekend with 'Nami Danam'. The Farsi track presents the verses of Khwaja Usmani Haroon against a post-rock musical backdrop that is enhanced by the flourishes of American blues (love that harmonica!).

As the standout track of Episode 4, 'Nami Danam' has the potential to propel CTO to well-deserved fame.

4) Aima Baig and Shuja Haider's 'Aatish'

Shuja Haider’s 'Aatish' is a fun number about the highs and lows of love. He's joined by Aima Baig who's the perfect vocalist to enact the playful banter featured in the song. We won't be surprised to see this track snapped up for a movie soundtrack.

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5) Asim Azhar and Momina Mustehsan's 'Mahi Aja'

According to Coke Studio, 'Mahi Aja' "stirs the bittersweet memories of our first heartbreak."

We can imagine this electro pop track as the romantic (slightly sad) number in an upcoming feature film. Asim Azhar is in his element in this track as he vocalises the emotions behind the track. Fun fact: Asim Azhar penned this track at the age of 17.

Momina partners well with Asim, backing his vocals while holding her own in the track, hitting some impressive notes and making us reminisce about their earlier Coke Studio love song!

6) Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad Qawwal and Brothers' 'Piya Ghar Aya'

Fareed Ayaz, Muhammad Qawwal and Brothers prove that a simple qawwali holds power. The group does a rendition of 'Piya Ghar Aaya', which is one of the most well known qawwali tracks, and we can't help but move to the beat. The rhythm and tablas bring out the joy behind the song and melodic vocals add to the energy of 'Piya Ghar Aaya'.

Looks like this season is all about energy and we can't wait to watch all the episodes CS has in store for us!

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