This Independence Day, Teeli has something new in store for us.

The Pakistani entertainment brand has joined forces with Indian platform Arré for a short film that promotes Pak-India harmony and friendship. With both countries' independence days coming up this week, this will be a gift to viewers on both side of the border.

From the teaser, we can see that a Pakistani man has met an Indian woman through Tinder, and that a lighthearted but meaningful conversation will follow.

According to a press statement, "Matched! captures the unlikely friendship between an Indian girl from Amritsar and a Pakistani boy from Lahore, made possible through a dating app. Lahore and Amritsar are only 50 kilometres apart – and yet, are separated by more than just geography. So what happens when two people who only associate India with Bollywood and Pakistan with Coke Studio, strike a conversation? A friendship evolves, similarities are discovered, differences are cast aside, and by the end of it, you’re left wondering what makes them so different from us."

Sharan Saikumar, Creative Director Arré, said “Matched! is a product of the digital age. It suggests that even though our countries and politics may falter, as people we can always be true.”

Teeli and Arré's Matched! seems like a project worth waiting for. The film will release today.