6 subtle jokes in Kangana's Diva Song that also need to be appreciated

6 subtle jokes in Kangana's Diva Song that also need to be appreciated

Kangana is back to take down Bollywood sexism, this time in song!
Updated 14 Sep, 2017

Kangana Ranaut has long been calling out the Bollywood industry for its sexist ways. But she isn't alone in her latest attempt.

Last night, the Queen actor became the queen of savagery when she joined forces with popular comedy troupe AIB to make The Bollywood Diva Song, a parody music video highlighting the sexism rooted in the entertainment industry.

The song is based on 2015 Bolly track 'Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan' and if you're updated with everything Kangana, you'll see her refer to every issue she's spoken out on. But with happy catchy music.

Now there were many scenes which were very obvious in their humour and the point they were trying to raise. For instance, the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham parody, the shout out to Kangana's nepotism debate and the pay wage disparity between male and female actors.

There were some jokes which took a little more than a moment to understand like the cleavage song lyric that refers to Deepika's cleavage controversy.

But we noticed that there are some moments from the video that aren't being talked about. Some subtle moments so perfectly placed, we wanna send a few clapping emojis to the writers.

Here are some subtle moments from AIB and Kangana's savage collab which deserve some appreciation.

1) Kangana's script is literally toilet paper

This was the perfect setting for the scene to come.

What we love is that Priya (Kangana) is not fazed by the loo roll in front of her because the dialogues are actually just worth that. It's a great way to make the point that more often than not, Bollywood actresses are let down by 'crappy' scripts.

2) When the director gives the actor cocaine

Apart from the very laugh out loud moment during the K3G parody where tilak is replaced by cocaine, can we talk about how this is a commentary on directors doing whatever it takes to keep their male stars happy?

3) When the director says sabko 'dancena' hai?

Directors making up words in an attempt to create cool fusion? Could this be a dig at Karan Johar?

4) When Kangana says 'kamar shot'

Talk about exposing the dynamics of a blatant item song! Instead of singing lyrics about how the male gaze objectifies women in Bollywood, all Kangana has to say are these two words.

The placement of the move and the lyric itself is so apt.

5) Kangana's sad moment is accented with a guy playing a dholak

Because how can a diva be upset without the scene getting melodramatic?

So little are female characters taken seriously in Bollywood, that directors feel the need to cue the onset of their tragic moments with especially sad music. The dholak guy is corny and lightens a scene where Kangana is serious, which again reinforces the idea that female characters are not taken seriously.

6) When Kangana says 'I didn't write this'

At the end of the video Kangana shares a light moment with her costar and Tanmay from AIB, during which she insists "I didn't write this."

Could this be a reference to her recent run-in with Simran scriptwriter Apurva Asrani? He alleged that the actor tried to take the credit for the script. Kangana had said that she should be given the credit because "Apurva’s drafts did not match up to her expectations.”