The grilled chicken was tender and juicy throughout.
The grilled chicken was tender and juicy throughout.

You'd think with Nando's and Rowtessrie, Karachi would be done with grilled chicken.

However, the food industry has been booming with new grilled chicken joints like Barcelos and Peri Peri Chicken which had me wondering if grilled chicken is a new comeback food trend for 2018.

I get it though, Karachi has been on a bit of a health run recently and while fried chicken makes for great comfort food, the grilled variety does the job in a guilt-free way. Who wouldn't want that?

One of Karachi's newest grilled chicken eateries For Chicken's Sake decided to take the health kick up a notch: the food joint offers organic chicken to satisfy your grilled chicken cravings.

Organic chicken is free from hormones and antibiotics and also fed a nutritious diet that affects the quality of the meat. It has a leaner feel to it compared to the average chicken and I personally like it more because of the flavour and texture.

Getting in touch with owners Ahmed and Nimrah, off I went with my colleagues to find out what's up.

Where to go

For Chicken's Sake is a takeaway and delivery joint for now and getting there is quite tricky. The joint is located on main Saba Avenue in Bravo Bakery. Yes, inside Bravo Bakery.

Walking in you see the sign and a very cute small seating set up for those who come to pick up their takeaways. The set up made me wish they had a small proper location of their own. I wouldn't mind eating there.

The outlet delivers in Defence all the way to I.I. Chundrigarh. The owners claim that most of their orders come from the employees of the PIDC vicinity.

When to go

For Chicken's Sake is open from noon to midnight.

What to order

To be honest, I didn't expect much from For Chicken's Sake in terms of variety. I mean, it's all in the name, right? They'll have lots of chicken. While they had chicken (and lots of it) they had so much more.

Salads, paninis and sandwiches galore, the mini resto boasts a huge variety in their quaint little location. We decided to keep it simple with our order though, for the chicken's sake.

We started off with the chicken skewers, which while very tender and juicy, weren't outstanding for us. This is the kind of appetizer I'd give to children to keep them mum.

Moving on to the sandwiches, we had to get out hands on their paninis. The spicy flame grilled panini has the resto's grilled organic chicken and their signature creamy flame sauce. I loved the flavours of the panini but what really stood out was their bread.

With a light crisp on the surface and a light texture, it really brought out the flavours of the ingredients sandwiched within. I just wish the panini itself had more cheese and chicken in it. There were some bites where both were missing.

We shared our meal with some drinks and were suggested to try their shakes. We liked their Oreo shake, but we were definitely impressed by their Lotus shake, it was loaded with Lotus biscuits.

Heading on to the restaurant's signature grilled chicken, we were pretty happy with what we got. The grilled chicken was tender and juicy throughout. For Chicken's Sake worked on their flavours for three years to keep the flavour authentic to their brand and I believe they got it right.

However, the resto does have some consistency issues to sort out. Out of three servings, one ended up being slightly dry. I hope this is just a teething issue they can sort out.

But the average grilled chicken was not my focus at all. I was excited to try the organic chicken. And it is definitely the star of the restaurant. The chicken had a lean, slightly gamey texture and was full of flavour.

The grilled chicken has the option of being served with a side and a drink and we went for their cream spinach with cheese and folks, always get cream spinach with your grilled chicken, the combo is amazing and it satiated our grilled chicken comfy food cravings. So naturally we moved on to desserts.

For Chicken's Sake has a layered honey cake which is a dessert relatively new to the market. With very thin layers full of honey and cream, the dish had a very desi sweet touch to it and the honey was well mixed in with the cream. Even our colleague who has an aversion to honey enjoyed a few bites, so that's saying a lot.

The Belgian chocolate cheese cake is one very rich cake. Taking a spoonful I thought it would be too dense but the right term is rich, because the cheese cake is generous with its Belgian chocolate. And since when is that a bad thing?

Damage on the pocket

For Chicken's Sake's price range is similar to other grilled chicken joints with appetisers ranging from Rs 200 - Rs 350, sandwiches ranging from Rs 400 to rs 650 and chicken ranging from Rs 425 - Rs 725 depending on the meal and type of chicken. Much larger orders like a full chicken goes from Rs 1495 to Rs 2595 depending on sides and drinks. Desserts range from Rs 150 to Rs 300.

I really hope For Chicken's Sake opens up its own proper outlet where we can sit down and enjoy our meal because the food is worth a venture and whether grilled chicken really is the next big thing or not, I need it every now and then.