The fifth and final song of Coke Studio Explorer is out and it features Qasamir all the way from the scenic valleys of Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir.

The track is titled Ha Gulo and is sung entirely in the Kashmiri language. It creates a beautiful rendition of traditional and electronic beats with Altaf Mir’s emotion-packed vocals and old musical instruments, like the Sarangi, Tumbaknaer and Garha.

The crew of four share their stories as well, Altaf Mir has performed all across Pakistan but he spends his days as a master craftsmen making traditional handicrafts. Ghulam Mohammad Daar forty years of his life contributing his skills to Radio Pakistan.The life stories of Manzoor Ahmed Khan as a rickshaw driver, and Saeed Saifuddin Shah as a part-time cook and laborer are fairly ordinary but still inspiring. This is their first commercial appearance together on Coke Studio Explorer.