Actor/TV host/die-hard PTI loyalist Hamza Ali Abbasi may not be contesting the elections, but it doesn't hurt if he dreams, right?


When we asked Hamza what he would do if he were PM for a day, his response made it seem like violent vengeance would be his top priority.

Speaking to Images, Hamza said, "What I would do if I was PM for a day is that I would... hang — ooorrr possibly shoot — all the log jo bari corruption karte hain [people who commit large-scale corruption]."

Yep, he's all for capital punishment, military-style.

He proceeds to paint a picture, "Un ko firing squad ke saamne khara kar ke un saaro ko goliyan marwaooga." [I would line them up in front of a firing squad and have all of them shot.]

Here's his rationale: "...Kyunke mulk ko tabah bari corruption karti hai. Choti corruption sarray mulkon mai hoti hai. Tou main ye ek kaam zaroor karoonga." [The people who commit large-scale corruption are responsible for a country's ruin. Small corruption happens in all countries. So I would definitely do this one thing if I was PM.]

Cool theory, Hamza. Except that he forgets to mention how he will whip our justice system into infallible shape because surely he doesn't want innocent people to be gunned down by his state. Also, if he crunches some numbers, he'll realise that capital punishment isn't an effective deterrent to crime -- like China, which is reported to commit the highest number of executions annually yet still ranks poorly on corruption indices.

Good thing this was just a dream.