Coke Studio's new producers Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have something new planned with season 11 of Coke Studio.

The two have launched a spin-off segment titled Coke Studio Explorer for which they travelled all over Pakistan to find the many hidden talents within the country. And they succeeded in their venture.

The first episode of the mini-series is out and it features the musical skills of Kalash women, mainly the duo of Ariana and Amrina.

With track 'Pareek' (meaning 'Let's go'), Kazi and Hamza show exactly what Coke Studio is capable of and it is capable of so much. The video features amazing visuals from Chitral and shows many children from the Kalash Valley, suiting the mood of the song.

The song itself is definitely one that will stay in your head for a while with a great hook and catchy melody. We can tell Zohaib Kazi's input in the track as it reminds us of his work in Fanoos, specifically 'The Gulmit Anthem' but we're not complaining. We loved that too.

The team behind Coke Studio claimed that the duo's "chants will take over your senses and leave you wanting more" and we agree. We can't wait for the next episode.

They also gave us a little insight right before the release of the track and we enjoyed every bit of it, our favourite tidbit being the young girl Farsi Gul changing her name to Ariana because of Ariana Grande!

Coke Studio Explorer has our interest and we can't wait to see what the next episode holds for us.