4 Pakistani politicians who wanted to be popstars

4 Pakistani politicians who wanted to be popstars

We rate the best performances by our politicians
Updated 27 Jun, 2018

Pakistani politicians have acting down to the T and by the looks of it, they're quite the musicians too.

Last night a video of Shehbaz Sharif singing his rendition of 'Akele Na Jana' caught people's attention, but for those who know a little about the former Chief Minister of Punjab, this isn't a new pastime. Sharif has delightedly crooned in front of an audience and camera in the past.

And he is not the only Pakistani politician to sing his heart out in public.

The following have tried their hand at music and well... we rate their performances (and you can too!).

1) Former Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad's badass guitar skills

Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad proved why he's better than the rest of our politicians and it's only because he's pretty mean at playing the guitar. The former Sindh Governor wowed audiences in 2015 at the 'I Am Karachi' festival when he took to the stage and worked his fingers like magic on the guitar to Arjit Singh's 'Tum Hi Ho'.

Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad gets 4/5.

2) Altaf Hussain ko burkhay mein rehnay do

Bhai can sing ballads. He killed it (quite literally too). He broke the scale.

The MQM leader gets 7/5.

3) Shehbaz Sharif has a strong bias toward 'Akele Na Jana'

There is no stopping the PML-N president when it comes to singing his favourite song. It would be unfair to say that he's not half bad.

Shehbaz Sharif gets 3/5.

4) Pervez Musharraf really wished he had the talent

The former President of Pakistan tried really hard, but it was a massive miss - even his wife thinks so... Maybe Altaf bhai could give him singing lessons, or better he could YouTube his videos.

Pervez Musharraf gets 1.5/5... #SorryNotSorry